Kyle Byrne

The game of life, with checkboxes

The game of life, with checkboxes

June 20, 2020

I recently saw this great Checkbox waves demo by Louis Hoebregts and it got me hungry for more checkbox based experiments. That was about all it took to convince me to put together the demo you see above, a checkbox based implementation of Conways Game of Life. For those who have never come across the Game of life it's a cellular automaton where you create a game ( a 2D grid of cells , checkboxes in our case ) in some state, each cell either live ( checked ) or dead ( unchecked ).

The next iteration of that state is then determined by a set of rules which state how cells interact:

  1. Underpopulation: If a cell is living and has less than two living neighbours then it dies
  2. Overpopulation: If a cell is living and has more than 3 live neighbours then it dies
  3. Reproduction: If a dead cell has exactly three living neighbours then it becomes live
  4. Any cell not falling into one of the above conditions survives to the next iteration

There's nothing particularly exciting about the implementation I've done here so I'll spare you the details. I do think its quite interesting how much it changes interacting with the Game of Life. There's something about the checkboxes, and especially the ability to draw on them which makes it feel much more tactile and playful.